OnApp for VMware vCenter (BETA)

Self-service, multi-cloud vSphere portal


OnApp for vCenter
Add OnApp to VMware vCenter to improve automation and billing, simplify multi-cloud management, and enable secure self-service through a fully customizable GUI.

More efficient. More flexible.

OnApp transforms your vSphere environment with intuitive self-service and new automation and virtualization options. OnApp for vCenter is currently in public Beta.

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OnApp VMware vCenter vSphere Diagram

Secure self-service

With OnApp, you can give departments and end users the ability to deploy, manage and destroy virtual machines without giving them access to your vCenter environment.

Multi-cloud automation

OnApp automates cloud service delivery for one or more vCenter environments through a single UI, with multi-brand, multi-region, multi-browser and mobile support as standard.

Centralized template management

With OnApp, templates can be deployed from a central library to any of your vCenter environments. You don’t waste time setting up separate libraries in multiple locations, or waste storage space through duplication.

Improve governance

OnApp provides a range of access control and auditing features for vCenter resources, and enables approvals, change tracking and change logging across one or more vCenter clouds.

Improve metering & billing

OnApp enables wide range of different chargeback, showback and billing strategies – whether you need to assign cost to users or departments, or invoice end user clients.

Extend beyond vCenter

Enhance your vCenter environment with Xen & KVM cloud, private or public CDN, bare metal servers, and your own custom services based on scripts, third party software or professional services.